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As Seen on TV by Meredith Schorr is not your average small town troupe. One night while watching a reality tv show, journalist Adina Gellar was inspired to write a story and (hopefully) get a position for an online magazine. She pitches a story about a small town being ruined by a big city developer building affordable housing and other amenities near the town. Being from New York, she even welcomed a couple of weeks away from the city.

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It sounds like your typical Hallmark movie, right?

Adina thought so as well. In her mind, Pleasant Hollow and all its residents were charming. They participated in all the events she saw on many small town-themed television shows and movies. However, when she arrived, she discovered not all small towns are like what they appear on tv. The townspeople are not overly friendly. The food is not so great, and there is no festival or town tradition of any kind at all. Furthermore, no one seems interested in changing this aspect of their lives.

As a fan of the small-town trope myself, I found myself relating to Adina. Like Adina, I have also seen my fair share of Hallmark movies (and small-town television shows). I expect them to be just like they are on tv. I’d be let down if the quaint town I built up in my head turned out to be very different. I was surprised at how uncharming the town and most of its residents were.

So why did I end up enjoying this story so much?

Well, because it was different. The big bad developer turned out to have truly good intentions. His changes were even welcome by the town and perhaps even needed. When the expectations of a tv town were dropped, a few of the people there actually had interesting stories to tell. And then there was the love story. It definitely was not cute and sweet, but it was special nonetheless. 

I recommend you read this book if you like small-town tropes but are in a rut. Or if you just want something out of the normal big city meets small town.

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