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Are you passionate about reading? Do you love connecting with other bookish besties and geeking out over your new favorite read? 

Then HeyitsCarlyRae wants you to be an influencer! Carly-Rae created the exclusive influencer community to create a safe space for book lovers. Influencers gain access to exclusive monthly zoom reading retreats and author chats. They also get the opportunities to share their reviews with the HeyitsCarlyRae Community

Bookish Bestie

It’s a space, according to Carly-Rae, where ‘we are more than just readers. We are a family.’ Here influencers connect daily with each other, always spreading their love of literature to other readers.

Some FAQs

Bookish Bestie Influencers are passionate about books. They love sharing their current reads, book reviews, and connecting with fellow book lovers. Above all, HeyitsCarlyRae Influencers are book leaders who never shy away from reading a new book.

Simple. Bookish Bestie Influencers spread their love of reading! In return, Influencers get an exclusive promo code to HeyitsCarlyRae’s shop to share with other readers while getting an exclusive discount on merch. They also get access to share their reviews on the HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club FB group while connecting daily on the Influencer Geneva group. You can share your latest posts, chat about books you love (or didn’t), share your opinions about book boxes, and more!

Influencers also get access to monthly zoom retreats where they get the chance to chat with bestselling authors from every genre!

Each month HeyitsCarlyRae selects one influencer to be spotlighted on her website, which has over 300K monthly page views. Here the influencer gets interviewed by HeyitsCarlyRae and has the chance to be spotlighted by her audience.

Simply fill out the application!

To continually gain access to the influencer community, influencers must do two static posts tagging HeyitsCarlyRae and HeyitsCarlyRae Book Club, along with two-story posts on whatever platform they apply with.

Depends! We get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications monthly. We make sure we read each and every application. Influencers are book leaders, so we always strive to see who has a strong presence that conveys their love of reading. If you don’t get accepted one month, we encourage you to reapply!

Who cares! We don’t look at how many followers you have. We look at the passion you have for reading!

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Are you passionate about books? Do you love connecting with bookish besties? Then we’re looking for you!

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