I’m Carly-Rae!

I’m currently attending Harvard and pursuing a degree in English. Some of my favorite things are—bookstores, springtime, the color blue, chocolate cake, fashion, and puppies.

Many of you may know me from Bookstagram and BookTube. I’m passionate about the world of books and am beyond grateful to each bookish bestie in my community. YOU are all responsible for making my bookish dreams come true. With over 100K followers on Instagram, 45K followers on Facebook, 2.5K followers on Twitter, Pinterest, and more, I try my best to respond to each message, comment, and email from each one of you. I love chatting with readers all over the world every day about traveling, current reads, cooking, outfits, nails, and more. It’s so amazing connecting with everyone and what makes my days so much fun.

My website is dedicated to bringing together the bookish world in an all-new way. Here every genre is welcome. We build each other up and support each other in whatever we are doing. Remember readers are leaders, and here we lead by example to show just how great it is to be a part of a book community like never before.

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One of the best parts of my community is discovering new things. So many readers write to me and tell me about new outfits, books, accessories, nail trends, and even recipes that I never would’ve tried if you hadn’t suggested them. I absolutely LOVE the ‘HeyitsCarlyRae’ community. The other day someone wrote in telling me about Colleen Hoover’s books. I had never read her books before, and thanks to everyone’s suggestion, it ended up being my March Book of the Month Read. Thanks to so many messages and write-ins I discovered Colleen Hoover. Since then, I have read so many of her books and become a huge fan. Without all my readers, I might not have ever read her books!