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Contributor Vinsci F.

The moment I saw that A Tale of Two Princes by Eric Geron was about two queer princes I was intrigued. I enjoyed the long-lost royal twin plot and how the concept of good vs. evil played a big role in this fairytale. 

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When a new form of monarchy was established by the British Royalty in Canada, Frederick and Daphne were appointed King and Queen Consort. Their son, Prince Edward, has been training to be the Crown Prince of Canada all his life. Handsome, charming, and dedicated to the Crown, he is ready to take his role. But he has one big secret: Edward is a closeted prince. 

Billy Boone is a wonderful son, brother, talented violinist, and out-and-proud cowboy getting ready for his Juilliard audition. When Billy and Edward bump into each other in New York City, their worlds shift. They look so identical that Edward takes a chance and asks Billy to stand in for him so he can be in two places at the same time. But Billy is more than just a lookalike, he is Edward’s twin brother. Everyone is happy with this discovery and family reunion except Edward. Billy is one minute older than Edward, which makes him the rightful Crown Prince. As their lives change overnight, one prince will find happiness taking over royal responsibilities, and the other  prince will play the evil twin, plotting to sabotage the other with the help of his friends. 

A Tale of Two Princes by Eric Geron

Genre: Fiction/ YA

This is a story of two long-lost royal twins and a chance encounter that changes both their futures as they journey toward coronation. 

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This book took a while to grow on me. It was hard to picture Canadian Royalty without thinking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Although there was attention to the Investiture Ceremony, the story lacked events where the Royal family could be seen interacting together. 

Contributor Vinsci with A Tale of Two Princes
Contributor Vinsci with A Tale of Two Princes!

I enjoyed reading Edward’s take as the Crown Prince. I appreciated his effort in taking responsibility for his duties and felt his struggle to be true to himself. But I was not a fan of when he became “Evil Twin Edward” and plotted to take back the coveted crown. I honestly found  him and his friends to be annoying. 

Reading Billy’s road to princehood was like reading The Princess Diaries. Billy is doing his best to fill his new role and responsibilities, but he struggles to be Prince Billy while doing his best to stay the Cowboy Billy everyone loves. 

The drama throughout the story was hit or miss. The evil schemes against Billy were tabloid and gossip magazine-worthy. I  felt  there were too many sabotaging plans going on, and the story could have benefited from seeing more character development and growth. I wish there were more scenes where Billy was able to show that he deserves the crown. His mistakes overshadowed what he was capable of. I appreciated Billy’s love for the family he grew up with, especially his dad, and the acceptance and support by his biological parents. I also felt Edward’s redemption was rushed and he was forgiven too easily. I honestly can not believe their parents, or the Queen of England, had little involvement with all the chaos that happened, especially since they are still in high school. It was also hard to accept Billy’s parents not realizing he was not theirs while he was growing up in Montana. I already figured out the plot twist and the real villain early on. It just took too long to be discovered and revelation was too quick. 

Edward and Billy’s circle of friends were silly, hilarious and supportive. The romance was expected, sweet, and a little too short. I think it needed more foundation, but it was cute enough. Both princes deserved a happily ever after. Despite its pacing problems, this is a funny, sweet, and moving queer fairytale. I think it’s a book that LGBTQ contemporary fans will enjoy.

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What is your favorite princess or prince movie? Mine is The Princess Diaries!

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