Inspired by our Miss Original 2017

Today I had the honor to do watch Miss Original 2017’s photoshoot! She truly is an inspiring person and I’m so excited to have her as our Miss Original 2017. A lot of you might not know what Miss Original is. Miss Original is a person who represents throughout the entire year her originality and spreads her confidence and happiness to everyone she comes into contact with.
Brittney has faced many hardships a struggles in her life and could have easily just said forget everything and decided not to do anything with her life. But instead she decided to take her hardships and set an example and be a role model to many people. She writes her own  story and shows her ‘warrior princess scars’ and there to inspire.
She truly puts a smile on anyones face and is so kind hearted that I’m so lucky she is our Miss Original. You can follow her journey on: She writes weekly blogs and each on has an inspiring message behind it.
Definitely love knowing Brittney, who has more strength and courage than a lot of people I know.

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