5 Minute Ab Routine

If you haven’t heard from Natalie Jill I definitely recommend checking her out on Facebook! Her page came up on my Facebook a few weeks ago and I decided to check-out her page and I’m so glad I did. Her videos and posts are amazing! She always has innovative exercises that actually do work and give you a fun exercise routine that breaks up my three-day a week cardio routine.

Usually I do a cardio 30 minute workout three times a week but I wanted to add something on my ‘off cardio days.’ I watched a few of her videos and they are amazing. The one today that I’m sharing is a new ab video I’ve tried. The thing I’m most self-conscious about is my core and I’ve stepped up doing sit-ups and other excises for myself.
I LOVE this video because it’s fast you are sore afterwards but it makes you feel better about yourself knowing your doing even a short workout. I like breaking up my workouts and trying new things!
What’s a new exercise you’ve tried you love? Have you heard of Natalie Jill? Watch her video above and let me know what you think of it!

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