Do The Impossible GKey

Do the Impossible Gkey is LIVE online! I chose to feature this GKey today because I just joined the trending ‘white converse trend’ and it paired perfect with my outfit!
Disney always has that magic feel and I love how this GKey is designed. It brightens your day and makes you feel the magic as kid you always felt.
The red has a touch of sparkle in that gives it a magical feel!
Do the impossible Gkey is one of my favorites! When you wear it remember what you felt like as a kid, the magic disney held for you!
‘Life is a journey and only you hold the key!’ So put your shoes on and get ready for an adventure!

Dream Big. Sparkle More. GKey Necklace

Today I was so exited to wear this new GKey: Dream Big. Sparkle More. Shine Bright. Gkey necklace! I LOVE the gold sparkle accented with black. It gives it a fun twist that goes with my new outfits!
I also LOVE the sparkle! I always add a touch of sparkle to my looks and this Gkey adds a touch that is just enough to complete your outfit! The shape of the key is also one of my favorite designs!
Comment below what do you think of this GKEY?! Would you wear this one?!
Click on the image above to see more!

Wild Heart Gypsy Soul Romper

Today I was so excited to wear my new romper I just got from Original Piece online for $34.40! It paired perfect with my new converse sneakers I just got (yes I finally joined the trend)!
I love the adjustable strapsĀ and I especially loved the print because it incorporates the boho trend that’s so trendy right now for summer/fall! I love how I can wear this romper in the fall too because of the print and color. I’m excited to do an oversized all black kimono with this look for fall!
I went for the casual vibe today by adding a ‘pop’ of accessories through my GKey Necklace and my new converse sneakers!
What do YOU think of this outfit of the day?! COMMENT BELOW and let me know!