World Emoji Day

It’s World Emoji Day and what better way to style today than by wearing this emoji necklace by Jane Basch Design?!
I absolutely love my new emoji necklace from Jane Basch! It’s lightweight and I love how short the chain is for summer time! It makes my ‘go-to’ layering necklace that I pair with my chain pendants and others I’m stacking that day.
The fun design also makes this my favorite. It adds a fun flare to my everyday looks that I LOVE!
They have a lot of emojis to pick from, even custom emojis (which I’m thinking of getting next) that you can personally design and get made!
I’m definitely a fan of Jane Basch and how perfect does it fit for World Emoji Day?!

Yoga Mood

It’s Sunday so it’s time to take a moment just to yourself have just silence.
Some days I love doing yoga for a half hour and just having silence outside and just enjoy listening to nature while I do yoga. It relaxes me and lets me refocus my energy instead of trying to do a million things at once.
At first I had a hard time doing the yoga poses, but as I’ve gotten the hang on it I’ve had an easy time to focus my ‘zen’ energy!
I absolutely love doing yoga in my Brazil Wear outfits. It’s the only place I get my yoga wear because it’s affordable and it’s comfortable. I love all the latest patterns and I love how I can also just put an oversized shirt over it when I go to run errands and still look trendy.
Their yoga wear fits true to size, which I love because I’m definitely not a fan of brands that either fit way to small or way to big. Just enjoy being the size you are is my motto!
So I would definitely recommend checking-out you can even use my PROMO CODE  HeyitsCarlyRae at check-out to save more off your purchase!
I can’t wait until you see my next Brazil Wear outfit! What do you think of this one?
Do your enjoy doing yoga in your day?

Stay Strong GKey

It’s Sunday so today I decided to feature Stay Strong GKey. I designed this GKey after that Orlando Shooting and named it, Stay Strong GKey because it required so much strength for all those people who lost their lives and the survivors.
By wearing this Limited Edition Stay Strong GKey you are showing not only strength for yourself by great strength in honor of others. Every time I see someone wearing a GKey with these colors I stop and pray for everyone that suffered that day.
You hold the key to your journey and the power within this GKey when you wear it so strong and courageous.

I wanted to spread this message and the reason behind the designing of this GKey. Comment below what you think of this GKey! I love to hear everyone’s thoughts!